50k in 30days

That’s right you read it.  I am joining in our aussie romance groups June 50000 word attempt.  The funny thing is that the day it starts I won’t be writing.  I will be counting money.  The worst thing it ISN’T my money enough said of that.

I am wondering if I should start a brand new story for this or whether I should work on the stories that are floating.  The temptation is to finish an existing story, get it out and get it done but then the idea of having a lovely fresh new thing is just as tempting.


I have been writing.  In fact my heroine Sasha is doing her darnedest to get the hero (he has a name but I don’t like it) into her bed.

Actually scrap that I just had an idea for his name.  Hmmm Ok I will try it out for a while.

These guys really really want each other.  They are hot and heavy and ready.  But they aren’t allowed to.  That is part of the story line he has certain beliefs and he won’t back down.

Oh the pangs of a new relationship.


~ by Bron on May 20, 2008.

One Response to “50k in 30days”

  1. Bron, I was the same trying to decide whether to start a new story or continue with my WIP. I need abit of a change, so the new one won out. I have never done this challenge, so I’m wondering ‘what have I done?’!! LOL!

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