I had a dream

And it was a good dream.  It was a dream that I will be published next year.  So I will take it for fact.  The trouble is I gotta get some writing done.  Not fun.  Not when moving my arms led to major pain issues.  A visit to the physio and I appear to be on the mend.  I have to visit again though and there is still pain.  I have trouble holding the arm in position even for 15 minutes.  So nothing has been done.

I think I need to sit for 5 minute lots to get going again anything has to be better then nothing.  Wish me luck.


~ by Bron on May 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “I had a dream”

  1. ouch Bron re the pain. not pleasant in the slightest. you just take care of yourself first. and you are right 5 minutes is better than nothing. Love the dream!!

  2. Thought I’d pop in a say hi to a 50ks in 30 Days buddy. Great dream. But you have a book coming out in October – yes?

    Are your arms going to be better by the time June comes round? Hope they are :-).

  3. I’m definitely wishing you luck!!!


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