Oh the smell, it’s gorgeous.  The aroma wafts throughout the house, causing everyone to salivate.

It’s a wonderful roast.  Plenty of meat on the rump, little fat the skin crisping beautifully, who doesn’t love sneaking the crispy skin of a roast before it’s served?

“When will it be ready?” Bree is looking at me, pleadingly.

“When it’s done.” A standard reply in this house.  Her face falls and I relent. “About ½ an hour, the potatoes need a little longer before we start the gravy and peas and corn.”

She smiles and skips off pigtails bouncing.

Food, good food brings a family together.  Binds friends together over laughter and conversation.

But this meal is for family only.  We have a Sunday roast weekly and it’s always family only.

Brett comes in and kisses the back of my neck.  I wiggle against him, smiling up at him. Together for so many years and still happy and in love.

“Smells fabulous as always, my sweet. You’ve done well Marie” he drops a kiss on my nose smiles at our eldest daughter, Marie and wanders off.

The roast today is special.  Marie, did most of the work.  She chose the beast, rounded it up and helped slaughter it. She prepared it, although I have been assisting, it’s her work.  She’s learned well over the years, how to make sure the meat is tender and juicy.  Ensuring the crackling is just so.  The right herbs and spices.

The meal is served and the aroma hasn’t let us down, it tastes just as good as it smells.

The meat is so tender it falls apart.  The potatoes are crispy and delicious.

Everyone is smiling and the conversation is flowing.

I ask Marie how it felt to be so involved with the preparation of the food.

She beams, she is positively glowing.

“It’s amazing, Mum.  I never knew how great it could be.”

Bree and Ryan both start talking at the same time.

“when will I be able to?”

“Awww it’s not fair Marie got to!”

Laughing Brett tells them when they’re old enough and if they’ve learned their lessons well they will also be able to follow in Marie’s footsteps.

“What do we do with the rest of the meat?” Ryan this time

“Well some of it will be minced, others cut into steak, more roasts.  Anything  that isn’t used by us will go to the dogs.”

I like the fact that nothing is wasted, even the bones get crushed once the dogs are finished and thrown in the compost.  The meat will last us a while, we have chicken and lamb as well.

Marie goes to the fridge, she opens it, the head of the young man she seduced and brought home for our meal stares out with sightless eyes.  She pushes it aside and grabs the juice.

“I’ll be helping with that won’t I mum?” She swigs from the juice bottle.

“Yes you will dear, and use a cup next time.”


~ by Bronwen on September 28, 2015.

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