The sermon is going for too long.
I sneak a look around the church, I think everyone must feel a little like me their eyes are glazed over. Mr Robertson has dozed off. I suppress a smile, his wife has noticed and pokes him, she will no doubt give him an ear bashing for that later.
The droning voice.
I try not to fidget, fidgeting in church is always frowned upon. Why can’t it be more fun, tell a few jokes, have people join in. I mean who wants to sit for an hour and listen to one person?
Stand up, sit down, kneel, sit. I have seen other churches where they dance and sing, that would be cool.
Happy faces instead of this reserve, this severity.
I don’t know maybe I’m just young. Maybe I don’t understand it properly. I just like the idea of celebrating God.
I realise I’m shifting around, people are looking at me in a curious manner.
I stop. Serious face. Hands clasped. Eyes front and lowered.
I sigh inwardly. Heaven forbid a sigh, a smile almost escapes my lips. No pun intended.
I make a decision, next week I am going to make a few changes. I will work on my new sermon all week. I have an idea budding. My voice is no longer droning as excitement builds in me. Even Mr Robertson is watching me.
This is my church and my congregation, I am going to make it the best it can possibly be. We will be rejoicing. I smile and stop my speech, the congregation looks back at me in confusion.
This will be wonderful. Let’s get down to the business of celebrating God.


~ by Bron on July 22, 2015.

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