The still of the night, the heat pressing down on me.  Air so hot you have to suck it in, almost scorching my lungs, not just breathe.  I love the night, the quiet and where I am, the stars are so many, so beautiful.

I come here to escape the city, the noise, the lights.  I come here for a chance to regroup, take control of my life, see things in a different light.

Never the same place twice, so many places to see.  Always secluded, I don’t want people around me.  I want to enjoy this time. Not have to think about others, not have to worry what they think as I touch the trees, listen to the dry undergrowth crunching underfoot, lifting my face and arms to a breeze that comes and goes, a brief respite from the cloying heat.

I am restless, moving around from one area to another, looking for the perfect spot to settle on.

I don’t want to go too far though. I like to be close to my bike, not that it would be stolen as I am nowhere near anyone, but I don’t want to to get lost. In such a remote area I wouldn’t be found easily.

I finally settle on area.  It is flat and grassy, a gentle breeze rustling the dried grass ever so slightly.

It’s perfect.

I kneel down.  I light the match and ignite the grass.

The breeze pushes it, and I watch it race away before I turn and make my way back to my bike. I long to watch the world burn but it isn’t safe, I feel rejuvenated knowing the fire will clean everything and as the area isn’t easy to reach it will burn a long time.

I take off heading for home, I feel better already.


~ by Bron on July 22, 2015.

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