Writers Write.

Well it’s true we do.  But we write regardless of whether we get published or not.  We write.

We write in diaries, on blogs and on pieces of paper lying around.  We write.  We are driven to write.  It is a compulsion we can’t deny any more than breathing.  Doesn’t mean all are good at it, or that we all want to be published.  But we want to write, we need to write.  As I have healed the urge to write has returned.  I have written but editing what I have written, ugh.  hate that bit.  But as I am keen to have another few published, editing is a must.

I write about what I feel, how I am, what has happened to me.  I often take snippets of real life, of real people and pop them into stories.  Snippets come from things you hear from strangers, sights you see; a tearful face, an argument are all food for the writer.  I also become the story as I create it.  It is real to me, for it contains me.  My emotions go into it, my thoughts, my ideas.  I can lose myself while writing and have to drag myself back to reality.

I have learned that people can take offence at what is written.  They take it personally or they hate the truth.  Even when it isn’t always aimed at someone in particular I have learned that people will take it as a dig at them anyway.  And even when it is just the plain truth, well truth sucks and it can hurt.  They don’t like it.

So as a writer emotions and parts of everything else go into my writing. Part of the reason I didn’t update my blog was what happened.  It was too raw for me and so I couldn’t face it.  I thought by avoiding writing I could avoid it.  Doesn’t work well.  I was busy as well, working, parenting, surviving.  I am still busy, but, the drive to write is revving up.  I have opened up a few WIPs and sure enough I am editing.  And ideas are no longer diving from my grasp.  Well the reality is the ideas were there but when it came to writing them I would only get so far and then lose the oomph.  I think I have well over 50 incomplete WIPs and about 8 WIPS that really need editing.

The emotions are better now and the writing flows longer and the stories have endings rather than nothing appearing.  The incomplete WIPs I am able to look at and complete. I have other story ideas away from my normal style. I look forward to bringing them into being.

I am writer, I will write.


~ by Bron on October 10, 2012.

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