Banging my head against a wall

photo from getty images

Oh yeah, when you want to write everything is thrown at you to prevent it.  I have resorted to google docs to write,

Why google docs?  Well it is kinda portable.  I can be anywhere and work on it from any computer or even my phone if I get really desperate.  Not ideal but at least I am no cut off from it.  I have contacted technical support to see if I can get it working again.  Fingers crossed.  there is no way i can really get another, this one fell into my hands cheaply.  If it won’t work I will just grab a nebook and work in google docs so I can still have the portability that the Dana offers me.  Editing would still be done on the laptop but for writing well I could do worse.

We will play the wait and see game.  Bubs has decided to let my boob go, so I thought to myself that I would have a chance to write, nup, instead I chased round doing jobs that just had to be done for kids, hubbies jobs etc etc.   In a short while NaNoWriMO will start and I will be there putting my best/worst foot forward and i am going to try and hit those magic 50,000 words.

Ready, steady write.


~ by Bron on October 31, 2009.

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