One Of THOSE days

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Don’t you just love those days?

As I stated yesterday I would work round the bub spending 15 minutes here and there.  Well it is close to midnight and i have only just been able to snatch a few minutes for myself.

My baby girl decided to have a “cling to mum and howl when she is put down” day.  So nothing was done except a load of washing, which I had to do otherwise madams would not have any uniforms for school tomorrow today.

On top of that last night after writing just over 600 words my alphasmart froze.  I was pretty relaxed at that moment as I had amazingly sensibly saved my work.  Ha!  Well that relief was short lived.  After hitting the reset button I discovered my MS had disappeared.  Not a huge amount of words all up, just over 12oo, but man I have only just started writing again and it felt like a body blow.

I hunted for it but it was nowhere.  Gone to where ever words disappeared to.   Another reason I didn’t chase the writing today I was just flat from the loss.  With Miss 6weeks tucked into the crook of my arm, I pulled the machine apart and cleaned it thoroughly.  I mulled over buying another one or if I would just get a nice little netbook.  I turned it back on and to my surprise there was my MS.

What the?

I quickly saved it to SD card and typed a few more words.  Saved again.

Have no idea how it happened?  Do I feel like writing?  Not really, after holding Possum all day I have had enough.  Will I write?

Yes, for 15 minutes, I won’t worry about word count but I know if I don’t get back on the proverbial horse it will be a long long time before I write again.  Not sure if I will write in the same story or just start another.  It doesn’t matter as long as I write.

Still don’t trust Alphie but we will see.  I will save onto the card and that way if it does die totally I won’t have to worry.  Other electrical goods have been messing up today though so I will give it the benefit of the doubt.


~ by Bron on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “One Of THOSE days”

  1. I have started to write stories lately, finally trying to get into it. SO glad to hear you had not lost all your hard work. Hugs, Catherine x

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