Writing and tools

And the writing began. I shelved the idea I had yesterday for a while. I started back on my Death falls in love WIP. Gotta love something like that. I am not sure how many words I did today but I will continue to write and will see how I go. I may even write some more tonight. I have to be careful as I don’t want to spend too much time on the pc.

I pulled out my Alphasmart. Alf stops me being sidetracked by internet, email and other interesting things.

Yup I named my Alphasmart. Nothing original but I love Alfie.

image courtesy Geekzone

image courtesy Geekzone

I write and write and when I need to research something all I do is mark it with a heap of asterisks so that when It does go onto the laptop it is noticeable.
I want to write. I have learnt that I enjoy other things though and I really enjoy contact with others so I will continue to work part time as a carer. It is also food for thought having contact wih people, looking after them. They have so many of their stories to tell. And they say funny things and it is a study in human behaviour which is always useful for writing.
The way they move, the way they speak and hold themselves. Words they use to describe things. For example the word underpants.
You would think really they would use words that are similar many come from the same era. But, it doesn’t work like that. I have heard them use underthings, knickers, bloomers, underpants and also my favourite unmentionables. There are others but this is just a sample.

Wow this write or die is vicious I had to pause it for a moment and it deleted words. Don’t want to do that too often.

My word count is about 500 in 15 minutes pretty slow I think but it still is a reasonable pace for me.
This tool would be very useful for NaNoWriMo. I can’t think which Blog I saw this on but it is really cool. It forces you to write and write without dwelling on everything. there is different settings for it. Now the tool is called Write or Die. it doesn’t really count words you copy in. Considers that cheating I believe. But the having to write without thought without dwelling is a motivator and it is a good way to get things down onto the screen.

It has different settings in it so you are able to be really mean which is what I am on or gentle. I haven’t tried the different settings but I am not that worried I will just continue to keep going. What I didn’t realise when I used this the first time yesterday was that the screen changes colour as a warning to you. I found that a little distracting at first as i tried to figure out what it as doing. So be warned once it hits red words disappear.

I am only using at present for my blog. But once NaoWriMo comes along I think it will be very useful. Once you have hit your target it stops threatening to destroy your work. And I met my target a minute ago so no more nasty threats. I have time to spare . Woohoo

The web version is free and the desktop version is $10 and I may buy it yet. Having it so I don’t have to turn on the internet is a very good thing for me. Time is just about up and I have done over 600 words.


~ by Bron on October 26, 2009.

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