The Muse has returned

I want to finish a book this month,. Trying this out will let me know how much writing I should be able to get done in at least 30 minutes. I will see how it clocks up at 1/2 hour but aisde from that it is just a cutesy gadget. If i can get 500 lwords done in 15 minutes then it will be good I will know I can do the Nanomrimo. But ut us crazy talk and just rubish. I am slwo at typing and I have no idea whether any of the words make sense I kinda need it to learn how to type and write. Wow would you look at that. If I stop witing for too long it deletes more words cool.
Well I am only at 6 minutes and I have managed 228 words which isn’t too bad really. But I keep pausing. I need to set a time when I will write.
When will I write?
When will I write.
I can’t type one handed we have learnt that and we only need to look at how I am going now to see I do need 2 hands to type. If I don’t have 2 hands it will be really bad. really really bad.
But I spose I could try and type in the morning after Miss has had her morning feed. I’m awake. just but I am awake and at the time she is waking me it is getting light. So I could just set myself to write at that time.
Next question what will I write? don’t need later.
Write rubbish just like I just did at the beginning. just start writing and delete what you that isn’t too hard. Look at that you can’t just paste. It desn’t recognise a paste, recognises a cut though I do believe. So you can’t cheat on the screen
So what will I want to write about tomorrow morning?
Magic is good. A woman, a witch. A cursed witch, young and beautiful in the inside but old and haggard on the outside. The curse can be broken by love. But who would love a hag?
An ugly hag at that.
And he would have to be arrogant and gorgeous and really not believe in magic at all. And so he would be fighting any attraction to her, because she is ugly. Why would he fall in love with her. Injured. Is it set in modern times? I don’t think so.
She would be a healer. Set in some place but no real date. Won’t need a date.
How long will the story be? Hmm don’t know yet but the idea is rattling around.
So I have a hag and now I have an idea for another story. A series of hag stories. Could be good. I feel like writing. And that in itself is a good thing.
It has been along time and I felt something missing but couldn’ fix it.


~ by Bron on October 25, 2009.

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