Week 1 Check-In

Well this week much to my surprise I managed to do the Morning Pages everyday even if they sometimes ended up being done half way through the day. I do know that doing them is not always pleasant as I look at things. diving into my emotions for characters in my books means that emotions I would prefer to be left alone get stirred up. I also found sometimes that I would try and cover up what I was thinking or gloss over it. Sometimes I would let it happen but a few times I pulled myself up and wrote about it.
I find it amazing how much crap I like to carry around in my head and found it even more amazing that once written down it seemed to disappear as if acknowledging its existence was enough and that I am storing it elsewheres so it is no longer in my brain.

My artist date consisted of a few things week but nothing satisfactory. I went to the shops by myself but couldn’t enjoy it much as I was on an actual mission not just for the pure joy of it. I wanted to go to the movies but work intervened and so I spent time with the library browsing around. I ended up writing so I guess that is stating my dates failed. BUT they were something I normally wouldn’t do and they were by myself.

This week my roster looks much different so I will plan something nicer. I felt a little guilty about leaving my family with the baby sitter. Part of me saying ‘you should be at home with them taking them to enjoy the library/shops as well.” The other part laughed gleefully and yelled ‘FREEDOM’.

I pay the sitter by the week and she had quite a few short days so one slightly longer day wasn’t going to kill her (I was still home before 3.30pm)

This week I am going to go to the  museum.  Yes the girls would like it too but I need this time. They have been before and they will go again, but I need this. Even without filling my creative well I need time to myself. I will try and find free things to do and spend only once in a blue moon. I want the dates to be joyful and fun. Doing things I like and haven’t really done for yonks. Like swimming and watching the X-files and many other things.

All in all with the progress I’ve made I’m pretty happy.


~ by Bron on January 10, 2009.

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