To overcome

The desire to write has to defeat many enemies.  Exhaustion, fear and a busy life.  For me my biggest enemy is a truck.

Sounds odd, but this truck causes me despair, anger, anxiety and stress.  I would happily sell it in a heartbeat, at a loss, just to get it away from us but K well he wants it to stay.  I’m despairing of this albatross that is costing us so much.

So how do you overcome the emotional side of writing?

The morning pages are going well, day 7 of writing them not always in the morning but they are done.  Today I wrote and give me another couple of days and I should have the first draft of my third book complete.  Then I will sit back and do some serious editing.

I do need though a good book on grammar.  Amazon here I come. LOL


~ by Bron on January 6, 2009.

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