Words await

You really have to love drugs.  I mean even though I have to go in for tests due to breathing problems the words are no longer wandering over the page.  The are staying put until I deside to do something with them.

Today I wrote and wrote well for me almost 2500.  My total for 50k in 30 days is almost 13000 and I am really pretty happy with it.  t will nedd fleshing out and editing but these two characters are interesting to say the least.  They kinda like to do it where they may get caught.

He’s also cranky with her as she received roses and they weren’t from him.  His fault really you just can’t go off and not speak to a gal for over a week before she gets tired of waiting and decides to spread her wings a little.

Tsk tsk he really should learn to as before jumping to conclusions.

It is approachingmy scary part where I usually find out that I am slmost 1/2 way through a story and haven’t reached anywhere near the wor count I need to.  i think they have some thins to work through that may keep them going but I also came to the conclusion as longa s I am writing that’s the whole point isn’t it?

Just to write and write crap if you have to because you can edit crap where you can’t edit nothing.

descriptions may need to be improved and sentences dealt with,  but for now 50,000 is wheat i have in mind.  thankyou for all the well wishes I am on the mend and once we can figure out what causes these breathing hassles life will be less interrupted.

So let’s see Tarin is sleeping and Damon is watching over her.  what will he do?


~ by Bron on June 13, 2008.

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