I don’t edit as I type generally as a rule.  But also generally as a rule I don’t show “snippets” of my work.

Oh man I will have to edit this savagely.  I seen to have turned into “and” queen.  It will have to wait though I want to get  the manuscript finished so for all of those cringing about the “and”s and possibly the “was”es (hehe not much better there hey) they will get cleaned up in the edits.

Plan to catch up fully today.  The story is flowing nicely at present but we’ll see how it continues once I hit my stumbling block of 20,000 words.


~ by Bron on June 4, 2008.

One Response to “Editing”

  1. Ahh yes stumbling blocks. My is normally about two weeks into a month challenge I sag for about two to three days. Which is why I’m writing like crazy now.

    Love your snippet by the way. Great going on the word count as well.


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