Day 3 – Snippet

Having fun with the new book.  have no idea where it’s headed but it looks like it’s going to be fun.  here’s a snippet from the first chapter.  now be gentle I haven’t edited this yet so it’s rough.


“Bloody ridiculous!” Tarin muttered the word savagely.  It wasn’t enough and she kicked the door that had closed behind her, locking her out of her apartment.

As she nursed her toe she cursed loudly at herself, her door and the situation she found herself in.  Really how badly could her day start off?  She had an interview in, she checked her watch, an hour and now locked out and wouldn’t be able to get in to leave in time.

“Stupid cat.” She leaned against the apartment door and slid down to the floor. 

“Meow.” A ginger cat appeared at her side and rubbed his head on her leg.

“Nope don’t talk to me Lancelot.” She went to push him away but instead found her fingers rubbing his soft fur.  He closed his eyes and purred in ecstasy.  She started banging her head against the door.  She closed her eyes trying to remember if her window as opened and if it would be worth her while to make a dash outside to see if she could reach it from a fire escape.

Only trouble was she was wearing a robe with no shoes and she was pretty sure that going outside would garner a lot of attention.  Knowing her luck someone with a camera would snap a picture of her and it would be in the paper and all over the internet.  She scrunched her nose not something she wanted with her aspiration of becoming a designer.  Happy snaps like that had a tendency to come back and haunt a person.

“Can I help you at all.” The deep voice made her freeze.

She mentally took stock of how she must appear and groaned silently.  She peered out of one eye.  A pair of legs clad in a suit met her eyes a very expensive suit.  She raised her gaze up and realising how silly she must look opened both eyes.

Just her luck he was gorgeous.  Drop dead gorgeous.  She scrambled to her feet and plastered a smile on her face.  “That would be wonderful.  I seem to have locked myself out of my apartment.”

His eyebrow quirked and he smiled slightly.  Oh my he is lovely she swallowed nervously and smoothed her hands along her sides.

“Really?  I would never have guessed with the cursing and thumping.”

She grimaced “Was I that bad?”

He appeared to consider for a moment.  “Yes.”

She could feel heat making its way up from her chest to her face.  She was embarrassed but he was making it worse the way he was watching her.  She raised her chin.

“Are you able to help me?”

 He smiled again and this time a dimple appeared on his cheek.  Her toes curled and her stomach somersaulted in response.  Flustered she dropped her gaze and immediately regretted where her gaze had landed.  His hands in his pockets pulled them tight across his crotch doing nothing to hide his masculinity.  She bit her lip to stop herself licking her lips.  Jerking her head she thought she caught a glimpse of him grinning but it was gone before she could be sure.

“I think I can help.” he said.

“Oh thank God for that.  My name is Tarin, Tarin Price.”  She held her hand out.  He looked for a moment and grasped her hand in his.  Electricity danced up her arm making all the hairs on her arm stand up

“Damon.  Damon Thursdale” His thumb brushed the back of her hand and Tarin became acutely aware of how little she really was wearing.  As if reading her thoughts his eyes roamed down and his brown eyes darkened.  Her hand came up to her chest where his gaze seemed to be riveted and felt skin instead of robe.  She looked down and gasped pulling her hand free from his and grabbing the sides of the robe closed covering her exposed bosom.  It hadn’t totally uncovered her breasts but near enough.  She was grateful that the thick material helped disguise how her nipples jutted out.

Unsure what to do she mumbled “How about opening this door?” 

Damon’s lips quirked again as if he knew the reason why she had spoken.  He pulled a key out of his pocket, slotted it into her door and opened the door.

Tarin stared open mouthed at him.  “Why have you got a key to my apartment?” she was pleased to hear that her voice sounded relatively normal

“The old duck that lived here before you was getting a bit forgetful and so she gave me a key to keep safe in case she got in trouble.  I just hadn’t gotten round to giving it to the new owner… you.”

‘You knew my aunt Tilly?”

“yeah she was a lovely old lady.  It was a sad day when she died.” He paused “If you were her niece why haven’t I seen you here before?  I didn’t see anyone visit her”

Voice low from pent up grief Tarin didn’t know what to tell this stranger it wasn’t really any of his business but she was compelled to tell him the truth “I didn’t know she was alive when she was alive, her and mum had a falling out before I was born.  I only found out about her when I inherited everything from her.”

She shook her head trying to clear the melancholy feelings.  What was done in the past she couldn’t change but she could make sure the future was different.  She smiled up at Damon.  “Thanks for everything, I am pretty sure you saved me from a heap of embarrassment.  What can I do to thank you properly?”

She noticed a change in his eyes and stepped back into her apartment.  He stepped toward her. 

“How about a kiss?”

“Wha…?” she never got to finish the word his mouth claimed hers and from the way her blood pounded through her veins she knew she was in big trouble.  The kiss wasn’t gentle, it wasn’t asking, the kiss demanded that she respond.  His lips slanted across hers his tongue seeking entrance, without hesitation she opened and let him in.  Her hands grabbed onto his jacket whether to pull him closer or to hold herself up she couldn’t be sure but he put his arms around her and lifted her.  She automatically wrapped her legs around his waist and gasped into his mouth when the material of his suit brushed against her core sending tingles to her womb.  She could feel herself moistening against him and she thought he must too for he dragged his mouth away from hers and kissed her neck and shoulders dipping her back so her robe fell open and he could take her nipple in his mouth.

She could hear mewling noises and thought Lancelot must be calling, she opened her eyes to see if he were being hurt but she couldn’t see him and the noise seemed to be getting louder as he suckled on her nipple harder.  It took a moment for her to realize it was coming from her own mouth.  A call of need.  She also remembered they were just inside her door and the door was wide open.  In fact she was pretty certain that her back was pressing against the door.  She struggled briefly trying to tell him but he didn’t speak, his only response was to hold her buttocks tighter pressing him to her rubbing her against his cock trying to escape from his trousers.

She felt his hand move between their bodies and then she could feel his flesh against hers and without thought she pressed herself onto him taking him deep inside filling the ache he had created within her.  His hips moved and drove himself deeper into her, again and again as he continued to move his mouth from one breast to the other.  She felt boneless, barely able to hold his jacket, grateful for the door holding her up.  Her muscles tightened around him and she couldn’t hold herself back and shuddering calling out to him, even as she did so she could feel him pushing harder and shuddering as well.

She felt vulnerable, pinned by him against the door.  Her robe totally open exposing her to him while he was fully dressed except his undone fly.  Slowly he withdrew, lowering her to the ground but holding her still breathing deeply against her hair.  For a moment he stood, he then carefully reached between them and pulled her robe closed as well as doing his fly back up.

He stepped back, looked down at himself and glanced at her wryly.  “I am going to have to go get changed.  As delightful as you are I don’t think a wet patch on my suit would be looked upon favourably at work.”



~ by Bron on June 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Day 3 – Snippet”

  1. I thought it was getting hot when she couldn’t help but look at his crotch but

    whoah! then it got even hotter!

    Go girl!

  2. *Blush* Quite an opening 😉 Straight into action…

  3. OMG, that is sooooooooo good. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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