And the race is on.

Ok I know I’m late but I’ve been travelling.  Each year we make a pilgrimage down to a city called Dubbo.  This area is where I lived for 9 years with my partner.  It is also a place I hated with a passion.  I don’t know why but I never made friends there and this was before the internet was really as widespread.

With other contributing factors we decided to leave and make our life in Queensland but K left many friends and a very close group so every year when the group has it’s get together we head down and help out.  Sunday I spent all day helping out.  We also decided to travel the 10 hours back home once the event was finished.  the girls had come with us for the first time and so we thought it may be better that they sleep most of the way home and have Monday to recover.

So definitely no writing, I can’t be in a vehicle and type unfortunately.  And besides K would be hurt if I ignored him like that.

Monday was a write off as well.  Tired (didn’t get home till after 1am), trying to play catch up with chores that seem to develop even with no one in the house and rainy weather that kept the girls in the house (cranky and tired as well) meant no chance for writing again until last night when I sat at Alph and type 431 words before falling asleep.  Today I have no kids at home and hope to do a few sprints to put me back on track.

That is if I don’t fall asleep.


~ by Bron on June 3, 2008.

One Response to “And the race is on.”

  1. I’m amazed you got out the words at all. Seems like you need rest first, then the words will hopefully flood through. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

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