Really who needs them?  Aside from the obvious uses.  Wouldn’t it be handy if we could just fold them up and pop them in a drawer until we need them next?

So what bought this on?

Last night he was settled watching the footy and I thought wonderful.  I walked off to the bedroom and got Alph out and settled into my bed with the ipod in my ears blocking out his swearing.

Typing away I stopped trying to think of a word and the word is still elusive.  It essentially means you are wanting something because you can’t have it.  Once you get it you lose interest.  I know what I mean anyway and the word will simmer for a while and pop out eventually.

Back to the tale.  So here I am thinking, when i realise that lights are flicking on and off.  I look up to see K flying into the bedroom.  Grabs the remote and turns the t.v on.  This in itself wouldn’t be so bad aside from the fact K is extremely jealous of my writing.  He in fact sabotages any effort to write when he is awake and I am writing.  So although his footy is on he pokes, prods and generally molests me  (in a most loving way) until I give up and turn the alpha off.  Then he is happy and leaves me alone.

Last night I fell asleep early for me but I was annoyed at the fact that I had wanted to write and then I lost the opportunity.  And no I wasn’t getting out of my nice warm bed to write in a cold lounge, lazy probably but I was settled where I was and being disturbed breaks the urge to write and it was COLD for me anyway.

I just can’t understand.  When I decide I’ll write at night when he goes to sleep early he decided to stay awake (I don’t tell him) when I decide to write in the mornings early he gets up with me.  I have trouble writing through the day due to other commitments and it is driving me crazy.

Can I please have a man that I can fold up in my drawer till I require him.


~ by Bron on May 4, 2008.

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