The badges

The personality badges below are accurate to what I am. And the jobs that are linked with those badges well they are all things I have wanted to be, have been or aspiring to be.

I dislike being pigeon holed and these tests do it perfectly LOL. Really do we enjoy being told what we are when secretly we want to be totally different to anyone else. Never to fit into the little boxes that seem people seem keen to fit us into.

But they are also useful to explain why we do something, to understand how we function to help us overcome. My writing has been sporadic again due to sick children but also because I Have stories screaming to get out of me. Each worried that it will disappear never to be heard of again. I have notes and sentences written down in a notebook that is getting scarily full. I need to know how to move on with the book I wish to finish and close out the voices. How do other writers do this? How do they ignore the voices that want to be heard. That interfere with what I am doing right now.

I am having trouble getting longer stories out. 30,000 words is it. It seems the stories want to rush out and be spilled onto the screen but it leaves me looking at trying to increase the words and I have trouble ignoring the call of others. How do you extend the story? How do you ignore the yelling in your head?

You know what I love most about being an author? When you hear voices in your head you are not insane its the characters talking to you. Now what other career can let you get away with that?


~ by Bron on May 2, 2008.

One Response to “The badges”

  1. Hi Bron! I don’t have a ‘great’ answer for you — I sometimes go with the flow, others I jot down some of the thoughts for later as reference points if its still yelling when I get done and other times I simply refuse to write it. I tell myself this story is for me. I can rewrite it a thousand different ways in my mind and I do. Its a nice break mentally from the story I’m currently working on. I also think eventually when I get to writing it, I will ‘know’ my characters inside out and how I really want the telling to go. =)

    Have fun writing! And I hope everyone gets healthy!

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