Time to Write

Finding the time to write is getting harder.  I keep thinking of more excuses not to do it.  SO i purchased the book Time to write.  The thing is I was starting to feel maybe I shouldn’t write or try to.  I felt that although I want to write I never seemed to allow myself to find the time.  So I am reading the book.  It is helpful and no I am not alone (always good to see it in black and white).  Last night I thought I was going to get some time. Ha! DH who is ALWAYS always asleep by 8.30pm refused to go to sleep.  Wanted to chat. *HUh* where did that come from? LOL

So we chatted.

I can’t write when my girls are home because their constant interruptions I admit tend to annoy me.  I mean their desire for food… why do I care?  Oh right yup I’m their mum and need to nurture them.  I would love to write when they are home.  Some people tell how they close doors put signs up etc. Pft not in this house.  A closed door is meant to be opened and start a conversation.  Or to banged against as they lie on the floor kicking it.  Any door.  “Please close the door Miss .  I really do not think Miss Friend needs to see me on the loo.”

“No really close the door.”

Ugh.  I thought with Miss L starting Kindy 2 days a week I would get some time there.  Hmmm nope seems on the days off I am then required to go to kindy/prep/school to assist with classes.    I am to lug various animals we own in for show and tell as well as run any other errands that crop up because it is more convenient not to have to do them with children swinging off your arms yelling “I’m bored” at the top of their lungs.  So the  2 days disappear with nothing accomplished.

I can get on the pc but it is disturbed time.  I mean while writing this entry I have gotten Miss L a drink, her lunch, assisted her with the potty, had an argument about whether or not she could have a lolly and played ponies with her.  My family is important to me and soon enough they grow up and leave but it can leave one feeling slightly stretched.

So what is my aim? My aim is to write 5000 words a week.

If I am lucky I will write after 8.30pm when K is either asleep or watching T.V.  I will write while watching t.v.   I will try and get up earlier so I can write BUT only if I can get some sleep, some nights I am tending children, for the past 10 days I have not had one undisturbed night.  The mornings are bad at present.  It will stop but really trying to write in the mornings at the  moment is like trying to write with a sledge hammer pounding on my skull.

I will carve out my time to write.


~ by Bron on March 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Time to Write”

  1. Good luck Bron! Balancing is always a difficult task, no matter what it is we do.

    Have fun writing too! =)


  2. Bron, I know what you mean, which is why I didn’t start writing again until my children left home. Way too long to leave my writing. Now there is just DH and myself and yes if he is home there is always, always something he needs, needs to talk about or just annoy the hell out of me. Lucky for me I do get days to myself, although at the moment I have Miss P to contend with, such a pesky little creature.

    I hope you find the time you need to write soon. Love your site BTW. I’m looking forward to the June NaNo, challenges always get me going.


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