Time management

It is improving.  Surprisingly after culling and cutting back internet time (well A little internet time) and turning off the tv I am finding more time.

I am not always writing with this “extra time” which is frustrating me because I am filling it up with other things.  Bron procrastinator extraordinaire.

What I have decided to try is to write in the mornings which is hard for me because I am  a night person but lately I am tired and sleeping early (for me) also my partner likes me to spend time with him and gets hurt if I choose anything else over him.   Which is fair considering he works long hours and we do need to spend time together.

Enter the problem I like to watch certain programs and am too impatient to wait for them to come out on DVD.  Thy often run latish and so my early morning rising is just a dream at present.  So tell me T.V addicts what do you do?


~ by Bron on March 11, 2008.

One Response to “Time management”

  1. Oh I hear you I hear you…!!!! And then, when you can sit down at some unGodly hour of the evening… my eyeballs blur and won’t cooperate!!! There has to be a better way!! *lol*

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