I did it!

I entered the Instant Seduction writing competition.  I cut the entry fine only having till midnight the 14th February but I ummed and ahhed about it deciding only yesterday that yes I would definitley enter.  So I then had to write a synopsis, my first.  i have no idea whether I got it right but at least I tried it.

My youngest goes to Kindy 2 days a wek and I thought Beauty time for me!  time to write thorugh the day not the odd hours I do.  HAH don’t believe it.  I have been busier then ever on those days.  And stuff that had to be sorted then and there.  I am looking at next week and hoping that the dust will settle and I will see some of that me time I am supposed to have actually occur.

Now that I have entered this competition  I have to complete the book.  I have an actual deadline that I must keep I mean yu never know I may actually win and need to hand in a completed manuscript.  So the next little while I am going to finish the book and polish it while I await my chance to win an editor for a year.


~ by Bron on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “I did it!”

  1. Good luck Bron! And don’t forget to have fun writing the rest of the book! 🙂


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