A competition

Harlequin presents is having a competition where you can win an editor for a year.  The deadline is 14th of February and so I am writing furiously trying to get 5000 sensible words out.  i want it done by this weekend so I can have a weeks grace before i edit and reedit.  I also have to write a synopsis.

A synopsis!

I don’t know how to write a synopsis.  I have never had to write a synopsis.  So I will be scouring on line for some helpful hints and directions.

while this is going on I need to finish the book.  the good news I sat down and figured out the storyline.  A rough plot which doesn’t come naturally to me but in this case I think is very important as I have a deadline.  i actually want to be able to hand over the book in the event of my winning. 😉

The blood is pounding  and I have the thrill of the chase.  the chase to beat the deadline! 


~ by Bron on January 16, 2008.

One Response to “A competition”

  1. Good luck Bron! And have fun writing! =)


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