I haven’t done this before.  And I am re-evaluating what I am doing.  I have been looking at my time and trying to figure out where to slot my writing in with my day job and family.

Early mornings are out for me.

Most mornings I deal with children and getting the partner off to work.  really early mornings I tend to journal and check the computer.  My aim is to get the computer out of the way.  Spend less time on it.
My blog lists are changing.  I am trying to find blogs at this stage that are more helpful with my writing.  That help feed my muse and I truly enjoy, that inspire me.

So all of my blog feeds are under scrutiny.  Some I will keep others will go, for now, most likely not forever because as a writer i am a natural voyeur.  I am just trying to learn to fit my writing in.  So things have to gve.

I write at night.  But normally I blog and then write.  The decision is that it will move to the morning hence the post today.  get it out of my system.  have it done.  So that the temptation will die down.  I don’t write on my laptop either I write of my alphasmart.  less temptation to check out other things.  Instead next to my alpha there is a notebook and I jot down anything i need to research for later.  In my story there are “*****” indicating  I need to check something.  i may find a better way but for now this is all about beginnings.

I want writing to be my income, my day job though allows me to do this and even when I am published and my writing is bringing in an income my  day job will also remain.  I happen to love my day job.  it is vastly different from writing but allows my creativty a different avenue, allows me to do different things.

This year is mine and I will claim it as such.


~ by Bron on December 28, 2007.

One Response to “Prioritising”

  1. This is such a great thing to do Bron! I’ve put all the blogs I read on Google Reader and then tend to only check them one a week–at a time NOT designated for writing. Its great because I can see who has posted, what and how many times since I last was there. I can decide if I want to buzz on over or keep on going to the next blog because all the time I have one eye on the clock. =) This has allowed me to then also feel like I’m still keeping in touch, not cutting them out completely.

    That’s what has worked for me anyhow. =) Good luck with your prioritizing!


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