Research and other not writing things.

I am pretty good at not writing, using a multitude of reasons why.  Some are valid some aren’t.
But I am writing.

When I lost the 10,000 words I have to admit I was devastated.  i thought I wasn’t but i just didn’t write.  After working it out I started researching and jotting. 

I sat in the hospital again with my eldest again and wrote down the emotions I had gone through when her scream had cut through the air.  The sound of her hysteria and panic cut straight through me.  I was out of the car in an instant, my heart revving, my stomach churning and my inner voice screaming along with my daughter.  Knowing something really bad had happened.

The fang marks on her arm and the spread of the inflamation, me trying to remain calm, leading her into the house telling her sister to get the neighbour.  Bandaging her arm applying an ice pack, lying her down and phoning triple 0.  It happened all so fast but it is true it seemed time slowed down.  She was fine thank goodess and came home the same day.

I wrote some terrible poetry and no you aren’t going to see. 

 I concentrated on other things that bring in money.  But the lure has been too strong and I have been writing bits and pieces most nights.

This year there is going to be a change.  To remain at home I need to make money.  My youngest has 2 days at a kindy this year and I plan to use this time to explore areas without having children hang off of me and do other research.  I will make my other creations to sell and i will work on my novels.

A new year brings new dreams.  But who said the year has to start on the 1st of January?  It starts now.

~ by Bronwen on December 27, 2007.

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