Still not writing regularly.

But I had another idea for a book so it has been jotted down and will be saved for when the muse wishes to dry up on me.  and even tho you may think I am not writing due to no ideas it isn’t true just writing seems overwhelming at present.  I am improving though.  i do know that I am going to have to organise my ideas a little better then I have at present.  i have them in 2 or 3 books so I am goign to purchase a nice little note book with pockets and stash them all together.  A much better idea.

How do you store your ideas?

On your pc?  A notebook?  In your brain?
I put them down on paper so that I can free up space in my brain.  A bit like a pensieve.  I am able to dump it and forget it till later.  I can refer back to it when needed until then it is somewhere safe.


~ by Bron on November 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Still not writing regularly.”

  1. Hi Bron!

    I do a little of it all — I write on paper(notebooks), I open new doc’s on the computer and save, I mentally fine tune things. Often I have a ‘great’ scene between two people that I would love to make into a story. But know that the ‘plot’ isn’t there yet. I need to get to know my characters better yet. =) Have fun!


  2. Hi Bron – this is strange – I just left you a note, went to look at the other posts and it says my comment was not saved. =( So here it is again.

    I do it all — I write on paper(notebooks), I open a new doc on the computer, I work on them in my head. Often I have an awesome scene between two characters but know there is not enough knowledge of the two to make a good story yet.
    (well that’s basically what I said the first time. =) )


  3. I have a folder on my laptop that’s just for jotting down potential story ideas. I write down as many details as I can in a paragraph then leave it alone to perc and grow a bit until it’s a whole story idea.

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