Oh joy, oh poop, okay

the good news is i felt like writing.

the bad news i lost about 5000 words somewhere in the hard drive.  I normally back up but of course the one time you don’t…..

but i still wrote and what I wrote may not be the same as before exactly but it is still okay.

 the main thing is although i only wrote for 15 minutes I wrote.  I need to stop beating myself up about not spending hours in front of the keyboard writing and need to look at it as guerilla writing tactics.

Dive in write for a few minutes and disappear only to repeat the tactic.  If wars can be won using this method I am sure i can manage it with something I love so much.  15 minutes isn’t along time.  Most of my day is devoted to 15 minutes.  Housework, exercise, computer time so I do believe this will work just as well.

Why didn’t i do it before you may ask?

 Simple  read too many blogs, other peoples stuff telling me how to be a writer you need to write for hours in front of the pc.  That won’t work for me, but 15 minutes out of every hour well by the end of my day could be as much as 4 hours taking out tea time and things like that make it about 3.

Not bad.  Nothing to complain about at all. And even if I only get 15 minutes done in the whole day at least it is something.


~ by Bron on November 26, 2007.

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