It’s OUT, It’s out!





Pretty slow reaction really, seeings it has been out almost a week now.
very embarrassing BUT i had a valid excuse.
No matter how much I like to pretend otherwise my girls are all important to me and they have been sick not dreadfully ill but enough to keep them whingy and wanting my attention. as well as a fete and a party and then another 2 sick whingies it simply slipped my mind.
I have been waiting for this moment so long and then I FORGOT IT!!
I also missed chats due to ill health of the girls. i couldn’t believe it.

I am so so stoked.

And here is the link to my book

Blood vengeance

And here is an excerpt



She looked into his brown eyes. As his sharp teeth pierced her neck, she exultantly thought, So this is life, as it ebbed away, enveloping her in blackness.

Chapter One


She moved gracefully through the night as she followed her target. He was a big man with silver hair and should have been slow due to his size, but appearances were deceiving. This man could move as lithe as a dancer when he so wished. Looking at him caused her heart to constrict with the pang of loss, as if it were yesterday instead of years ago.

Mind on the job, Kayla. She clenched her jaw and sucked in her breath through her nose, unsure if she’d spoken out loud. Her target never stopped, and she let her breath ease out without a sound, shaking her head with disgust at her slip.

Relieved, she moved along the rooftops, feeling the changes under her feet as they moved from the main part of Brisbane into Fortitude Valley. The roof styles aided in keeping her hidden, and the shadows were extra deep since the new moon would not appear for another night.

Dan Givanni, her target, checked behind him at regular intervals, stopping his meandering route to listen, cocking his head doglike.

He’s good. She pursed her lips in reluctant appreciation. I’m better, though. She had the advantage of a hundred years of hunting practice, giving her an edge he’d never have.

She knew never to deviate from being careful; being silent and patient. If she did, it could cost her life. She had first-hand experience of what happened when the rules were ignored.

Givanni checked a little-used side street, looking behind the trash bins. Once satisfied no one was hiding anywhere, he stood on the path, waiting.

Kayla hunkered down so there was no a chance of him seeing her silhouette. She listened and scanned the area. With her sharp eyesight, she examined the wall below her and saw an old fire escape on which she could perch. It would give a better view and provide more cover. Keeping silent, she made her way to the escape, then carefully pulled her camera out of her pocket, focused it on Givanni, and took a couple of quick pictures. She had to get this right and, after so many months of waiting for this meeting, she didn’t want to mess it up. She wouldn’t get a second chance.

A few minutes later, she heard the quiet footsteps of another person arriving in the alley. She zoomed in the camera focus on the new arrival and started snapping photos in quick succession once he was in view, the night vision on the camera making the scene as clear as day. The second man checked the area just as thoroughly as Givanni had, scanning for intruders. Not once did they look up.

She’d learned over the years that people rarely looked up. And if they did, they weren’t really looking. They didn’t believe someone would be above them. Still, she made sure she was well disguised. Her clothes were dark, selected so they would blend her in. Her dark hair wouldn’t give her away, and she’d darkened her pale features to ensure they didn’t stand out. She didn’t want to risk anything.

The men approached each other. Her enhanced senses allowed her to hear their hushed voices.

You got the money, Givanni?” The smaller man looked over his shoulder as he spoke. He was Aaron Jackson, second in command of a large cartel from overseas. It was more powerful than the Givanni family, and she knew Givanni was making a smart move. By getting in with the group, he would be able to maintain his control of what he saw as his turf.

Yes. You got the goods?” He gritted the words as if this transaction infuriated him.

Your position will be guaranteed once we start seeing results.”

They reminded Kayla of two dogs circling each other, wanting to fight but each wary of being hurt.

Two briefcases changed hands as Kayla kept snapping photos. The exchanged finished, and she slipped the camera into her pocket. She pressed a button on her cell phone to send the okay to her backup who’d been tracking her. After making sure everything was tucked safely away, she jumped from the fire escape.

She loved flying. Her blood raced through her, and heat flared in her core as the air swept past her body, caressing her like a lover as it skimmed over her breasts and face, tangling through her hair. She landed lightly behind the men and pulled out her badge. “Gentlemen, you are under arrest.”

Their bodies tensed as they swung toward her. Shock followed by anger chased across their faces. Their hands dipped into their pockets, dragging out guns, and they started to fire at her. She was already moving toward them. Her lithe body honed in its actions easily spun around their clumsy movements.

She grabbed Jackson and twisted her leg behind his, causing him to lose balance, and he tumbled to the ground. He tried to roll away, so she thumped her knee into his back.

Fucking slut” he spat as she jerked his arm up behind him. Pulling his gun out of his grasp, she slapped a handcuff on and yanked his other arm behind him, securing it as well. “You’ll regret this, you whore. Do you know who you’re dealing with?”

She ignored him; his words meant nothing to her, and she’d heard worse.

She sprang up to face the man she’d been tracking for years. He had her lined up in his sights. She ducked and rolled onto the hard ground as he shot. The bullet whistled near her head, the heat from it warming her face where it flashed past. She came up under his arm, knocking the gun out of his hand. He was faster than she expected, and he was able to grab her round the neck with his other hand. Squeezing the breath from her, he brought her face close to his.

He frowned as his dark eyes bored into hers. “What are you going to do now, bitch?” His lip curled up, exposing his teeth “You’re no match for me.”

She smiled, and his brow furrowed further. His gaze moved from her eyes to her mouth, and she smiled a little wider, allowing her teeth to show. As he watched, she let them lengthen and sharpen into fangs.

He looked back up into her eyes, his complexion paled, and he dropped his hand from her throat as he backed away from her. She moved toward him, and he stumbled backward. His gaze never left hers.

Nu uh, Mr. Givanni.” She raised one eyebrow, her tone low and threatening. “You can’t run from me. I am your world now.”

It gratified her to see him jerk at her uttered words. Words he’d used on people just before he dealt with them. He ruled his group with iron control, telling them he was their world when they joined. He also used it just before he killed someone.

He backed into a wall, his gaze transfixed on hers. She leaned in close and breathed on him. “I have you now.” Leaning in a little closer, she opened her mouth further, exposing her sharp fangs.

He moaned a sound full of fear, for he knew exactly what she was. The stuff of nightmares. A vampire.


~ by Bron on November 1, 2007.

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