Goal Setting – Lesson 6

Time Managaement

This is where I find I fall down. My time management skills are very poor.
I try and set things and then find myself not following them which either means it isn’t working for me or I just am not motivated.

I prefer to write at night.

I also like to watch TV and often night is the only time I get to spend with my partner. So I watch TV with my partner.
So what will I do?
K is an early sleeper. A late night for him is 9.30pm. So I should look at writing between 9.30 and 11.30pm. The video recorder is going to have to start getting a work out. Even better I may buy the series I wish to watch and do it that way (think I touched on this in an earlier post).

No adverts can be stopped when I want and I have them permanently.

I also have other commitments to keep. BUT the good thing with these are I can do them while watching TV. Strange I know but these other endeavours are important to me too. Each one balances out to keep me sane.

Through the day I tend to do research as I am able to keep an eye on my rugrats as well as the housework. I am unable to let it slide. I hate chaos I really do and so housework is a priority. K is happy, the girls are happy and I am happy. I have trained myself to complete tasks that need doing and so I know I can learn I just need to do the same with my writing.

The sneaky bits of time I have yet to utilise but to be honest I don’t do a whole heap of waiting except when I pick up Miss C and then I generally use this time to get some adult chat. I also watch how people interact.

I am discovering the best times for me. As time goes on this may change but right now an hour or two a day is great!!


~ by Bron on October 19, 2007.

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