Goal Setting – Lesson 5

5. Take action immediately
6. Do something every day that takes you to your goal
7. Resolve in advance that you will never quit.

So what action am I taking. I joined Sven and Nano just so I am accountable. I have a deadline. I can work towards it. I know I know I should be able to do so without a deadline. BUT I have always been one to work towards a deadline. I need a deadline. These deadlines are group imposed. After these are over I will set my own deadlines.
Actually the deadline for Porn Star for a wife is November anyway. I want to be able to do edits and send it off February.

I write everyday. I am actually going to have to go and do some research so that will count towards it. I will write at least 500 words a day. I am doing this fairly easily and really should put 1000 words but I don’t want to beat myself up if life steps in and I can’t do the 1000.

I won’t quit. It is my vow that I will write. I can’t not write so this is one I couldn’t give up even if I tried. Even when I wasn’t writing I was still thinking about writing. Stories were weaved in my mind and it almost killed me that I didn’t write.

I am a writer. I will learn how to be a great author.


~ by Bron on October 19, 2007.

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