I wrote today

1066 words not too bad considering all that went on around me.
I was reading a post today here and it brings up many interesting points.  Some I agree with, others I don’t see why the upset.

I have signed up for NaNo and will try and participate.  Why?  Well for me it is about learning how to make the time to write.  if I announce publicly to the world this is what I plan to do the idea is I will feel accountable and set the time.  And Hey after a month of setting the time aside I am hoping that it will develop into a habit.

I don’t know whether what I write will be any good.  I don’t know whether I will write 50000 words and then decide eeew this is no good but that can happen with any story that is written no matter how long you perservere with it.  Some people need the kick start with writing and feeling safer in the crowd having people to chat to and learn with.  Why not?

Many of these people won’t try it again.  many of these people will be proud of their words they put down and I don’t see why not.  Thy may even look at getting it published and once again if the edit and do the hard yards once they have written the first draft why not? 

I think I take exception to the fact that the writer feels that unless 50000 words is done each month and 4 hours is dedicated every day to writing then they aren’t true authors.  for me this isn’t true.  I fit writing around many things young children that rely heavily on me, work commitments, spending time with a hubby that works long hours and so I need to spend time with him somewhere.  There are also many other things that are going on that I need tp meet each day.

People joke about housework but i need to do it everyday otherwise the girls are unhappy and I am stressed.  I write about an hour or 2 when I can. i am hoping Sven and nano will help me lean how to set the time using a deadline that is “real”  I feel happy when I sit down and type about 1000 words a day.  It takes me about an hour to type 1000 words. i write forward as well rarely making any major edits till the draft is done.  I think a definition of an author is a very personal  thing.  All I know is that I need to write and i fit that around my other commitments until I can edge it more to the fore front.

Ok there are many who hate Nano and Sven and all the others and good luck to them.  we are all different and should celebrate this.  You never know someone who starts with NaNo may end up the next Oscar Wilde. LOL 


~ by Bron on October 15, 2007.

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