My Muse

has kicked into overdrive and now I have 4 books on the go.
We have Werewolf Running.
Vampire dreams
Porn Star for a Wife?
What happens when a porn start meets a man she can’t have?
Sahsa is beautiful and is Australia’s highest paid porn star. Robert is quiet and a christian. What happens when the attraction can no longer be denied. Will Sasha get what she wants and have him in her bed or will Robert get what he wants.. a porn star for a wife?

and Call Girl
Better names may come with them but at the moment that’s it.

I typed out about 1000 on each last night without even thinking about it. The words flowed and I typed. It was good. Don’t know how the last 2 will turn out but hey can only try. I mean they are people too aren’t they. I don’t even know if they would be looked at for publishing but they want to be written and who really denies their muse?


~ by Bron on September 26, 2007.

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