I have settled

on Porn star for a wife. It intrigues me in this society that women who choose to do this are seen as victims. I have been to Sexpo in Brisbane a fw times and man meeting some of these women they don’t seem like victims. One in particular was very savvy, her money was invested wisely and her MUM is her manager. When she was questioned about her choice she just laughed and simply said “Do I look like a victim?”
Now this isn’t saying they are all like this there is a seedy side to the life as well but really what doesn’t?
I think this has carried with me for a long while. and I wanted to have this strong woman fall in love but to make it even more difficult I wanted upstanding moral fibre. i want the conflict and the horror of dicovering what she is. i want her foundations shaken up when he doesn’t give in in the way she thinks he should.
I am treading lightly at present as I am a pantster and I feel this story developing deep within.
So my hero is based on the younger Harrison Ford especailly when he played Indiana Jones
Neat and tidy. nice enough but nothing special. this is how she will see him.
but we know how this man can scrub down
I love Indy.

My heroine I couldn’t choose any other then Jessica Alba
jessica Alba

her sexiness just oozes from her pores.

Now I can visualise a little better. i think the match is good for the story.


~ by Bron on September 26, 2007.

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