Official date

i can’t believe I didn’t know my release date. Actually it makes me rather embarrassed as it makes me sound as if I don’t care. It is far from the truth. I have let all my friends know. all their friends know. I have let everyone from every site I have been to know. I just hadn’t registered about a day.

Anyway the official date is 26th October. It still seems kind of surreal. As if it is happening to someone else. Still I’m sure it will hit home eventually.

I was on the passionate Ink forum and someone had asked about journalling. Did we journal. Some replied that they found they whinged when they journaled and they didn’t like it at all. I journal and I enjoy it. i do not necessarily journal each day but I think for me that it s a good thing. yep I whinge in the journal and heavy stuff often goes in there while other things come here and yet more stuff goes in my other blog.

I find that once the emotions are dumped and the whinge is out I am lighter and more likely to concentrate on what I want to do. if I do alot of whinging in the journal I will often make a point of adding other stuff to balance it abit. But often that seems to ahppen of it’sown accord, get rid of the rubbish and the good comes out.

So open those journals and start writing dumo the emotions and how you felt into it. yo never know you may want to use it in a future book. An idea of how you acted and felt never hurts.


~ by Bron on September 22, 2007.

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