Can you feel the excitement building?

It is getting closer to October and altho I can’t find my release date it will be around somewhere. *sigh* I really should have been up to date more but things happen and because at this stage the family sees my writing as “a sideline” it can be hard to make them understand that I need to do things to get everything out there.

I am going to print out some of my bookmarks and take a visit to the library. need to do it soon. Maybe omething i can do in the next few days. It will be something fun to do. i will be giving away copies of my book as well so stay tuned it could be you!

i am so nervous and excited the what ifs are flying through my head. the good thing is I know I can write i just have to put my head down and tail up and work through the second book. yes there is one. Another novella called werewolf running. Well that is what it is called so far. I have about 7000 words to go before the dreaded edits. the edits are the hardest bit. first i have to change it to America speak and then I have to read it. trouble is i seem to go blind when I look at my own work. Even when typing on firums i will check and hit send only to find out when i go back that everything I spelt looks like some sort of mangled english.

this time though I plan to print it all out and get the red pen onto it. have it in hard copy so I can glare at it. With any luck in another week I should have finished it and put it aside to give my brain a break.

Not long till Octoberfest starts at Cobblestone Press! Go check it out!


~ by Bron on September 20, 2007.

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