Bad girl bad bad girl I need a spanking

Hmm an idea for a book maybe?
No right now writing as been very sparse. What I have written had annoyed me and I am refusing to think about it. I need to get going again. I have other commitments but I really want to write and produce books sometimes forget this as everyhting else piles on my plate.
Kids health my health, lack of sleep are all excuses but we can use them very effectively when we wish to. I whine about how tired I am and lack the energy. How sore my nose is and many other things.
Well I have tken little steps to rectify my time. I am slowly moving to polyphasic sleep. So instead of trying to sleep 8 hours and ending up with anywhere between 4 – 6 and feeling like crap I am going to sleep 4 hours and feel great.
Basically I will sleep 3 hours at night and take 3 naps throughout the day. this isn’t actually as hard as it sounds. It didn’t work so well when a sick bird took over the area where I work and couldn’t be disturbed but it had been going all right till that point.
Once fully adjusted it is my intention to write at night when I won’t be disturbed by fighting children and the forever “Muuuuum I need. I want, I…..”
This time will be sacred to me a whole 3-4 hours where it will be me.
this means I can work the other stuff through the day.
I may have to take a leaf out of other authors books and just have seveall on the go at once.


~ by Bron on September 19, 2007.

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