Weekly Update

well the first week of The Artist’s Way has passed by.
I have written my morning pages every day except this morning but like the other day I will write them tonight. I have mixed feelins about the pages. I don’t mind them although i can find them a chore. I have to fight for the time fo them. I have made some discoveries about myself and working things through.
I have also realised that if i can write 900 words long hand every morning in under an hour then i can definately manage to type 1000 words a day.
I can also move between stories to get those 1000 words. They don’t have to go on the same story each day especailly as i have a few stories running through my head.

So if I set aside and hour a day then at the end of the week one story could be up 7000 words or several stories can have more words… not abad better then what has happened this past week.

I haven’ done an artist date this week and unless it happens today ince again I am going to miss out on doing them. These were the hardest part of doing this 12 week course. The artist date. 4 Kids, Hubby who works long hours 6 days a week just aren’t conducive to spending time alone.

I may even just try for 1/2 hour find a $2 shop and go stare at the stuff. Touch and think what I may like to do.
That sounds nice.

Being any form of artist whether author or other means you need to dedicate time to it and time to yourself.
It does feel strange doing the course again. but surprisingly or not different answers occur for the same questions and of course the same questions can get the same answers.


~ by Bron on July 29, 2007.

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