Story lines – ife lines

No writing done today. The story ideas have been tumbling around so I have been jotting things down. Instead today I did other creating you can read a bit here or here.
I am thinking of stepping my way through the artist’s way again.
I do know that I will never be happy doing one thing BUT I do believe that I am able to be very happy doing the three things for my life and adding other things here and there for fun.
I am having trouble working my time for it all.
I get involved and don’t want to stop.
The computer gets in the way too. i have unsubscribed from quite a few things to cut down on my email. i have changed my subscriptons to certain things to get digests instead of all throughout the day.
I have closed down a stack of email addresses (did i really need 7) and others are directed to my one address. i keep them sepearate for a reason but i don’t need to check them everyday.
i am going to close down one more very soon and try and set it up a little differently to the way it is.
I am doing this so I can concentrate on what I want to do. writing being one of the most important.
I plan to do a lot of writing while I am away not on the computer but on my alphasmart.


~ by Bron on July 12, 2007.

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