The Dream

The dream came and haunted me last night. It is the third time I have dreamt it in the past week. Unlike most of my dreams this one fades too quickly as I wake to be able to remember it but it leaves an after sensation in my mind.
I do know that one day I will be writing and a story will form and write itself and it will be familiar. As I write I will close my eyes and it will replay and I will remember.
Who else dreams their stories?
Who else wakes knowing that something has just been created. Who else dreams the looks, the dialogue the scenery. I am curious who else?


~ by Bron on June 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Dream”

  1. Me! I do. I dream stuff up even when I’m awake but I love waking up after a good nights sleep and feeling something new growing in my writer’s heart.

  2. I do, Bron. Very long and involved and often scary!!!

  3. I dream my story without stopping..sometimes , I go to bed earlyer just to have more time to dream…and when I sleep, my dreaming continue ( sometimes)…but I know that the best way how to liwe is to dream your story – and not only at night..
    PS: I hope you can understand mee because my english isn´t perfect 🙂

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