I typed till I was going blind last night and then slept. Today I will finish the edits BUT I will take one more day to make sure the edits make sense. Ya know how it is late at night typing sounds good reads find. Turn off the pc turn it back on the next day (or whenever) and the sentences read something like the following sHe smled it was pretty and he thoght she was hot.
Well maybe not that bad…. maybe.
It is hard when you get out of the rhythm of writing to slide back into it. I love the writing that’s not a problem but like everyone else sometimes it is hard to think of it as a real job when the kids are tugging at you and the other 1/2 wants you to run errands while you are at home, implying you are doing nothing and having fun.
So to try and get back into that rhythm I am going to cut down on the internet time. This is hard as at present I am also trying to set up a website. BUT I think I need to control the other things that I do. Like browse, a lot, for hours.
I am going to cut down on T.V sorry Oprah and Dr Phil, I just gotta do it. As for night TV well certain shows I WILL NOT miss out on. But I will give up the repeats of my favourite shows unless I genuinely haven’t seen them and there a few of those.
I am gong to time table my day into periods like at school. In my school we worked for 40 minutes on a subject before moving on to your next class. Well in my case it will be 45 minutes. Then the 15 minutes will let me move. Play with my daughter, do the necessary house work (Thank goodness for FlyLady). Wednesdays will be shopping and errand day. I do not need to go to town everyday.
I will alternate between writing and my other business so neither get neglected. I am unsure whether I will alternate days or just time slots. Hmmm what do you think?


~ by Bron on May 30, 2007.

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