And again

I know I should be editing, but I have done 5 hours straight so need a break.
I was reading this post here and I really have to agree. often writers put everything away while “real life” comes forward.
Unfortunately for those who don’t write they can’t understand the compulsion that takes hold to write. They can’t grasp the concept that withou this we shrivel up and part of us dies.
My mother summed it up the other day. For my romance and erotica I have decided to use a pseudonym simply because I want my writing separate. I am wanting to write childrens books as well and will use another name for them simply so when a search is done on my name these hot books don’t jump out ad scare little ones or ther parents.
i am not ashamed that I write romance and adult novels they are every bit as hard to write as childrens books and other type of books. But my mother made the comment oh you are keeping your real name for when you do real writing.
Yeah thanks mum.
What I do is real writing. A valid a form as any other and in some ways harder, with romance you tend to know that they will get together. So you need to make it exciting. how many genres of writing do you know that has that expected outcome where the end of the story is already set. I know there are different romance genres as well HEA & HEAFN but it still is the basic thing.
So don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t real writing. romance taps into the core of emotions in our readers we have extra hurdles to overcome tell them if its so easy they sit down and write one.


~ by Bron on May 29, 2007.

One Response to “And again”

  1. I know what you mean about how others preceive the genre we write in. I’ve had many people frown at me when I tell them that I write romance so now I just say that I write Contemporary women’s fiction and that seems to get a better response. It’s crazy that romance novels still evoke that reaction from so many- even those who secretly read them! Considering it’s the number one selling form of literature, you would think that people would be more accepting of it.

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