Real Life Interrupted

Unfortunately I had to go out and earn some money and then sick kids came and kicked me around some.

LAst night I finished editing my chapter for my WWR group only to find everything crashed. Disaster, I couldn’t access it to send it and when I did access it I couldn’t email it.

So at One in the morning I finally was able to get the email to function on another section and emailed it off.

Trouble is I am no longer sure which copy I sent. *sigh*
It disappeared from the pc and I can’t find the email to say I sent it.

Oh well they will let me know. I am just on a different pc at the moment and won’t be able to check properly for a while. I am going to write today, well tonight anyway. I really do prefer to write at night. I find it easier and I have no interruptions. I am just going to have to live with out sleep. 4 – 6 hours will do for a while. At least until I can get these 2 books out of the way.


~ by Bron on April 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Real Life Interrupted”

  1. Wow, bummer for the broken pc. Hope you get it all sorted out soon. I like to write at night as well- I’m a night owl and my muse is most active then.

  2. I’ve missed you lately, Bronwen. I hope everything is okay.

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