Well the week has been full of ups and interesting moments.

The show that put my writing on hold last week was a success. I came away sunburnt despite sunscreen and sensible clothes. Really I am much better suited to nights rather then days.
I worked Sunday and tried to get the house back in order Monday.
Tuesday I couldn’t be bothered doing anything so I reclined to read a magazine and stopped and stared a picture of a girl was in the magazine and it could have been the sister to my youngest. They look quite a bit alike. I stopped and read the article and my heart leapt into my throat as I read my own daughters story (to a degree) so today I am off to the Dr to make sure that she is fine. I will be requesting DNA tests to make sure she is fine.
Now does DH know about this? No he would be furious if I thought her less then perfect. It is VERY rare this particular disorder and up until the article they only knew of one in Australia and 110 throughout the world. Well a woman in Perth contacted the lady who wrote the article and her child has also been diagnosed now, so my chances of my girl being fine are pretty good.

I started writing again Wednesday and then found an email in my inbox.
My novella has been accepted by Cobblestone Press and although it needs to have some work done to it they have accepted it. Woohoo I have been dancing on clouds since.

So we have been changing things, reorganising, signing and getting thoroughly excited. I’m going to be published in October!!

Breathe Breathe who can remember to breathe?



~ by Bron on March 23, 2007.

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