I have a werewolf novel in the works, now it started off in first person but I was informed by someone that first person sucks and rarely sells and I should move it to third person. Which I did. Wrote quite a few chapters on it and all. But I let it slide. Why? Because I couldn’t get it to run as smoothly as I wanted to. It was stilted and the flow didn’t exist.
I stopped writing it.
Fast forward a few weeks. I am glaring at this book while waiting for a reply to my submission. This book had me excited in the beginning I know the story can be good in fact I know it can be great but I just can’t grasp it.
In the past few weeks I have read quite a few stories from successful novelists and guess what I find quite a few of them are in first person. It may not be a popular choice but I have made my decision I will go back to writing this book in first person. If they tell me they love it but move it to third person I will deal with it then.
So last night I started editing the story BACK to first person. I am smiling as I did so and the story is flowing better , I can get inside of my heroine and show how she sees the world why she is the way she is. My muse is happy now, this story is meant to be first person. Its a first draft it can be what ever it wants. I can fix it later.
I rarely write in forst person but I learnt a valuable lesson if the muse wants it let her have it.


~ by Bron on March 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Restarting”

  1. Amen sister! I’m working on one that shifts from first to third person throughout and I tried really hard to make it strictly one way and it woudln’t work. I don’t care if no one wants this story, I have to write it the way it’s demanding to be written. Good for you for listening to your muse.

  2. I’ve never had a problem selling first-person work. Write the story the way it needs to be written and you’ll find a home for it later.

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