Draft 2 & news

I picked up quite a few mistakes and a couple of others were pointed out to me. With my overuse of certain words and the rewriting to allow the sentences to be formed without the use of those words well my word count jumped up by about 4000.
I also tried to show the story instead of tell the story but how successful I have been remains to be seen.

I have had a blow to my system which has led to discord in the household.
My dad has to go in for tests to see if he has cancer, there is a good chance (I am willing it to be so) that it is a benign growth but even hearing the dreaded word makes me tense.
Now my partner hates my parents (lots of history) and I don’t expect sympathy for my dad from him what would have been nice is “How are you?”
I got nothing and decided not to worry about it but I must have been quiet for DH pursued it.
When I tried to tell him I didn’t care about how he felt for my dad but I would need his support over the next few weeks I must have worded it wrong as he took offence “so now its all my fault” and hasn’t spoken to me since.
I was stung by this comment because it wasn’t about him and how he felt about my dad it was about me and how I felt about my dad being sick.
Aargh I should have just stuck to my guns and not said anything.

Anyway today has been a loss for writing. I am putting aside the story once again so that I can look at it with fresh eyes in a couple of days and who knows may even end up adding another 4000 words.
I would like to get back to my other stories in the works so tomorrow I am going to haul out one of them and take a better look at it and see if I can get in the rhythm. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are my best chance at writing and I wasted one today although it may have given me an idea for a story. Life is like that with me something happens and I think about a story from it.


~ by Bron on February 28, 2007.

One Response to “Draft 2 & news”

  1. Bronwen, I do hope things improve for you and that your father’s tests come back with good news. Please know that you have your writing buddies online for support if you can’t get it at home. I know it’s not the same but it’s better than nothing at all.

    Hugs to you

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