An exercise

I ended up not finishing the cinderella exercise I want to but I have been side tracked as it could end up quite lengthy.

Danielle started another one in regards to a port-a-potty I set the timer for 10 minutes and managed to do a little although many interruptions just halt the flow

Anyway her is my effort unedited

I can’t believe it! Of all the rotten luck I am stuck in a port-a-potty. What was I thinking trying to avoid the red tape I needed to go through to see Mr. Dale?

Actually I knew exactly why I was trying to avoid the red tape, I had been waiting weeks to see the infamous Mr. Dale and I had almost started to believe he wasn’t real. Phone calls, security checks, rescheduling appointments for crying out loud he wasn’t the pope!

I slapped at an annoying mosquito, great I was not only going to be trapped in here for a weekend I was going to be eaten alive. Well at lease I wasn’t going to suffocate if I mosquito could get in so could air.

How long could I go without food or water?

I looked into the bowl but retched at the thought of drinking that poison, I would rather die.

I sat down on the seat and started kicking trying to push as hard as I could against the door. There wasn’t much point as far as I could tell my loo face against a wall or something.

The plan had seemed so easy. Mr Dale was meant to be at his site today and they were setting it up for the workers to come in. I had slipped into a potty and taken a ride. When they had moved the potty I thought I could just walk straight out but the door wouldn’t open. It felt jammed against something else.

I gave it one last vicious thump and started to curse under my breath. I heard a voice outside “Hello?”

Oh thank god! I jumped up again and started yelling and thumping on the sides of the pot “Here I’m in here”

½ an hour later I was standing sheepishly in the dusk with a group of men snickering at me. One even had his phone taking pictures.

She has another exercise posted and I will most likely try and give it a go. Why not the brain needs to be stimulated.


~ by Bron on February 24, 2007.

One Response to “An exercise”

  1. Nicely done, Bonwen! I’m so glad you’re participating, I haven’t done the second one yet but I’ll work on it over the weekend.

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