Where do you write?

I got myself a laptop to allow for convenience of typing. I wanted to be able to pick it up and do this whenever I wished. The laptop allows me the freedom.
My laptop has not been internet enables it lies there waiting to be released but I know what I am like and refuse to put it on at this stage.
I do believe one day I will have internet on my laptop but not yet I am just too much of a junkie.

I digress.

Anyway this thought of being able to type anywhere at anytime is tougher then I thought. I like to type snuggled in my bedroom curled up on my bed. Most likely leading to all sorts of problems with posture and RSI but I DON’T care.

I am comfortable and able to concentrate more in this room.

I figured out why the other day. The room isn’t a busy room, calm colours very little on the walls, very little clutter. The room doesn’t lead to anywhere else in the house and I can stop the kids running through it.

It is my space and always has been (hubby just sleeps there LOL) so it works for me.

Where do you write?

Talking of umbrellas, my word count has increased while revising my story, limiting the use of my favourite words has forced me to rethink sentences and dig deep into the vocabulary that does reside somewhere in my mind.

I have settled into revising and am enjoying padding things out and reorganising other bits. Trying to get sentences to flow without it being stilted is a challenge but one I intend to rise to and overcome.

I also lost some of my inhibitions and added descriptions so hopefully that will entice the reader more.



~ by Bron on February 23, 2007.

One Response to “Where do you write?”

  1. I do not yet own a new laptop. I got one for mother’s day a couple of years ago but the kids put it on one of the big speakers in the living room and the huge magnets inside wiped the laptop clean, no operating system, nothing, won’t even boot up to a blue screen.

    Anyway, All I have is my desk top PC so I write at my desk which is located in an out of the way corner in the living room. It sits beside a large picture window so I have a nice view of the tree filled backyard.

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