Revising part 2

What an absolute eye opener.
I printed it out, started reading confident that it wouldn’t be too bad.
1st chapter one million red lines and notes later I hop back on the laptop and start rewriting.
First chapter mind.

I am not being too harsh I just didn’t realise how much detail can be left out, when you think it’s all in there. I didn’t know that I was such a fan of the following “and”, “then” followed by my favourite “and then”.

I have also been informed that thoughts should be in italics. I always thought this is what ‘ ‘ were for. Where is the secret little handbook that I am missing? What other little things should I know?
I want to write, I want to be be published why is it looking scarier by the moment?

The rose glasses are coming off and reality has decided to take up residence.

So tell me why do we do this to ourselves? Why does this wake up call make me just dig in harder wanting it more?

I’m a writer, a wordsmith and there is nothing that can be done to change it.

So I will pull down my visor, tilt my lance and charge at windmills.


~ by Bron on February 21, 2007.

One Response to “Revising part 2”

  1. Bronwen, I felt the same way when I finally decided to use my gift of words for something bigger than myself…I just didn’t realize how much bigger than myself the writing industry was. However, I got my hands on a really wonderful book that has helped tremendously. It’s called: Writing a Romance Novel for Dummies and it’s written by a long time editor of Harlequin romance, Leslie Wainger. There is tons of truly valuable information in it, including how to write thoughts, what an editor is looking for, character developement, the entire publishing process. I would recommend it to anyone that’s interested in writing.

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