Pen names and hiding your writing

A question or two
Do you or will you write with a pen name?
Are you dead set against anyone finding out your write with a pen name if you write under different names or is it more of a convenience for you, to keep your “lives” separate?
I am debating about pen names. I think I will have one for one area of writing but not for another. I just don’t know.

Do you hide your writing?

I do. The idea of my young impressionable girls getting mixed up in a spicy paranormal sex scene well, I just don’t think they are ready for it even if Miss9.5 disagrees with me.
‘Oh but muuuum’
No you will not read it

I have taken to closing the laptop when she is around and I am in a certain seat, its password protected and I know she won’t get in. Not even she is that good.
But I have to be aware if I sit in the wrong seat I have found her trying to sneak a peek over my shoulder. Snap the laptop is closed and one child stalks off muttering under her breath.

At that point I realise just how much she is like me and know that I am in big trouble.

I am going to start editing my novella today. I think it will be having a major overhaul. What is the name of this story you may ask I have NO IDEA. How sad is that? The name I gave it just doesn’t sit right with it at all. So I will refer to it as Stephen and Kayla S & K for short.

Why does it need a major overhaul I think I am telling the story rather then showing it. This will take some effort to correct on my behalf. SO today I will be wielding the red pen and noting things.


~ by Bron on February 19, 2007.

One Response to “Pen names and hiding your writing”

  1. I don’t use a pen name and probably won’t. I don’t know why, it’s just not something I ever considered doing.

    As for sharing, My two older daughters- ages 15 & 11 have read parts of what I’m working on but my sex scenes aren’t very graphic and I haven’t printed them out anyway so they haven’t had access to them.

    My mom and my aunt have read them but that’s different.

    Hehehe, I love how you say mum..or type it rather. I can just hear your accent as I read your posts. (I know, you don’t have an accent, I do ;o))

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