Way Hey

Man the past 10 days disappeared.
I found myself writing and didn’t shift out of the groove until the story I was writing finished. It was an odd feeling because my first novel turned into a novella and I am not sure whether it will change or not.
The story moves along nicely and I think if I tried to add more then it may drag it out too far. I have sent it out to a group I trust to critique it and one came back with compliments on it and that it really had moved her.
She liked the fact that the past was explained but not lingered over too much and slotted into the right spots.
I was happy with her review but it is only one. I haven’t looked at it although I printed it out.
I will give it to the end of the week and then I will sit down with pen in hand and start revising. I already know there is a part that needs tweaking but I will not touch it until I have had the break from it.
Was I disappointed that the novel turned into a novella. Maybe at first and then as I got to know people I learned there is a while world of successful novella authors out there and publishers. So I take heart from that and I take heart that I am writing. I am getting something onto (virtual) paper.
On anther front I submitted a short story to a critique group and after some interesting critiques the story is back on the drawing board having a major make over. Nothing wrong with the story premise and the idea but how I wrote it was all wrong.
So in the next little while I will look at it again.
My first reaction when I was told it wouldn’t work was “That can’t be right it will only work that way.”
Then when I went back and had another look I realised it would work the way it was suggested to me. I was really happy that I was able to look at it and overcome my denial.
I have another book in the works right now I already know this one will be longer, I don’t know how much longer but it will be longer.
Unlike the first one which is vampire this one is werewolf.
I have another one in the works that is just waiting for me to step back into it. It is an interesting one so we will see how it turns out.

My poor dear daughter is ill today and I only managed about 300 words. I know I can normally type about 2000 words in 2 hours today though what with my girl down I haven’t been in the groove. The vomiting interruptions is just a killer for passion, can anyone tell me why that is?

Oh John she murmured as he touched his lips to her
(blurgh sound of vomit hitting toilet.)

his kisses trailed across her face
(Mum how do I get the taste of spew out of my mouth? Toothpaste dear lots of it)

his tongue swept the inside of her mouth….. meanwhile images of vomit and vomit breath is on my mind.
not a chance.

Hope your day is vomit free.


~ by Bron on February 15, 2007.

One Response to “Way Hey”

  1. LOL! Love the end of that one, very funny and hits way too close to home.

    As for the novella, I think there are a lot of people out there that don’t have much time to read for pleasure and short bits are just what they need.

    The Wild Rose Press is an awesome place for stories as short as 5,000 words up to 100,000 words so I would definitely look there as one of your options. They currently have the full MS of the first book I wrote which is up around 70,000 words.

    Their web addy is: http://www.thewildrosepress.com

    Have a good day and I hope your little one feels better soon.

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