And I did it

Highly impressed with myself I am.
Well pretty happy anyway.
I managed to write about 2000 words today in a period of an hour. The words flowed wasily and although it may not make the final cut at least I am writing them.
I am just absolutely thrilled with the way it happened today. Tonight I need to sleep and think where to go from here. I have a murder on the side to solve and also the disappearance of the main villain.
We need to deal with the attraction between the two the discovery of her secret and his overcoming it. In the mean time lots of attraction happening between them.
Ach I don’t if I can manage it really but it will be fun to do so.
If I can get 8000 words written in a week in about 9 weeks I should have the book finished, the first draft anyway.
That is a dream of course things always will happen to try and deter me, BUT I have a couple of hours that I can utilise each day and use it to my benefit.
I dream that I will get published with my first book. I know the odds are against me but I can’t help the dream. I know the ideas are sound but I worry that my putting together of the tale will let me down. The thing is I have to try, it is no longer a pipe dream it is something that I can do. That I must attempt to do.
I also think that doing the course online with harlequin will help me. If I follow the steps and work through things follow their advice, surely this must reflect well upon my writing?
The agony of it all trying to sort through it and let it flow.
The story has twists in it and the end of it excites me as well. I haven’t needed to take the advice and write the parts I have, the story is flowing pretty easily still, when I get to a troublesome spot I will take the advice and write what already exists in my head.
I may even take the advice and switch to the other book that is floating in my head partially on paper and partially transcribed to the pc. That would give me a space if I need it.
For now I will dream the book I have settled on and check the facts in the morning. Facts are important in a book if it is to appeal there mustn’t be any loopholes that are too blatant that can be annoying.
Fact finding in fiction is just as important as other elements to the story.
There is a lot more to it then I thought originally or I refused to acknowledge actually. I will have to work on it more.


~ by Bron on January 29, 2007.

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